An Olden Tale


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Vesperia’s debut album AN OLDEN TALE!

The cloudy beginnings of VESPERIA lay etched in the gorged bodies of former musical projects among the now 4 piece band. Twisting, writhing and forcing their aural onslaught upon metal audiences across the globe have sincerely ensured the band’s continuity through all the harsh and arduous battles modern metal bands are sure to encounter in their tenures.

Originally formed in 2005 by now lead vocalist/ bassist Morgan Rider as a black metal band, the sound, direction and theme of the music naturally evolved into the style of fierce and heroic metal the band is now known for. Shortly after releasing their long overdue brand folk metal 2011 full-length ‘Voyage from Vinland’, VESPERIA redefined their purpose and direction once and finally with their 2012 demo ‘The Swordsman’, drawing the ears and attention of metal fans around the world.

Now, Vesperia prepare to unleash their newest record ‘An Olden Tale’ upon the unsuspecting masses to demonstrate their true mastery of their craft.


released July 26, 2013

Recorded November 2012 to April 2013

Drums recorded at Icehouse Studios by Thomas Ireland.
Bass, orchestrations and vocals recorded at W
Guitars recorded at Frankie’s home studio

Mixed and mastered by Thomas Ireland at Icehouse Studios.

Cover art by Jan Yrlund

Logo by Morgan Rider and Jan Yrlund

Album lineup:

Morgan Rider – Bass/ Vocals/ Keyboards/ Orchestrations
Casey Elliott – Guitar/ Vocals
Frankie Caracci – Guitar/ Vocals
Cory Hofing – Drums


1 – 1000 Years Ago
2 – With Omens of Sorrow
3 – The Swordsman
4 – Forsaken Shores
5 – Huntress
6 – To Times End We Ride
7 – Bring Me Triumph
8 – An Olden Tale



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VESPERIA Toronto, Ontario

The new reign of epic metal! On tour across Canada this summer!

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Track Name: With Omens of Sorrow
Unearthing My sorrows buried in time,
a passion long-lost as arrows to skies
beneath wind-hewn heights of wisdoms age-old.
Quenching the flames so all might be cold

within stone walls a cry shall resound
from all i've felled this world has bound
footsteps form echoes in the halls of my kings,
delivered to silence as their sorrows sing.

Feast you upon and succour the drink,
dash spirits strong, may the tides rise and sink.
From lives well lived and worries of none,
ready your arms, for I am undone.

A river of life drawn forth from a fool
in tides of torment no master could rule.
I ready for dawn and have taken my hold
For the feeding of flames all shall behold.

From the skies we have fallen
Fettered hand to heel in bronzen coils.
The tremors of awakened pasts regain
so one might break these chains.

The old forest once knew me by name
but the ways of old now wait in the past.
Take up your steel once again.
Once more into the fray.
Track Name: The Swordsman
Once, a time ago
amidst the mountains tall and true
a man lay bare the task he wrought
to amend himself anew.
A blade he rose to serve his kin
to defend what all he knew.
But the day would come
from distant lands,
a command to expose the truth.

A weight he'd drag from distant peaks
from the heights atop the world.
Never near the place of calling
to the blades of death so soon.
No fear he wore in the face of doom
as his blade fell from the sky.
In scarlet robes and battle mists
the lands echoed his cry:

'I have travelled far and wide,
amidst the lands and all the worlds of ice.
Heed my call, o' my brothers strong!
May we ride together into legend and song!"
Track Name: Forsaken Shores
The skies deepened in hue
and the Earth spun familiar views.
Our ships took up
age-old sands of shores we once knew.

Unlike fabrics of a dream
told 'round hearthfires' bare.
The scenes before us will rot our thoughts
until the bitter end.

Hollowed armour dashed and wronged
long wait undone.

Grief took it's hold
as the skies threw forth ash
Our ancestral home
razed to dust.
A cry upon the wind
as our anguish rooted deep.
Upon their bones with scores of tears
we raise our keep.

Hollowed armour dashed and wronged
long wait undone.
The blood of our kin outspread;
Long swallowed by the sun.
Track Name: Huntress
Under darkness the huntress enters the wood.
Driven by instinct, bound by the will.
Crowned by the beast that wrought her fame
the blood of which flows through her veins.
Some call her hero but most call her death;
an end most meet with precision craft.
Marking her kill with a single arrows' flight.
On and on the huntress stalks under cover of night.

Men wear fear when you breath her name
and the trees sway with unease.
A nameless fear that preys the land.

I woke with sweat upon my brow given to the feed.
Packs of wolves and miles of teeth carry on the breeze.
I flee for life from the tree's deep sighs to seek the boughs within.
Marking her prey with a single arrows' flight,
The huntress makes for the kill.
Track Name: To Times End We Ride
We were few but fierce
a force to be known
a band of brothers
from all tales told.
We walked the earth
over ash and through snow
to victor the glory we so longed to behold.

And great battles marked our passing,
Spectors of those who stood their ground.
Many a men and great heroes alike
burned in the tide of our wake.

Invoking the lore of long-lost elders
commanding fealty across the land.
raising our fists to the ancient skies
for our banners - our victory

and the skies they opened widely
to herald our tempest forth
That the stars liven brightly
to the calling of our command.

Stay your sword my brother,
We have come to take what;s ours.
No walls no steel shall bar our path.
Ours is the walk of gods.

Warriors had fallen
and took reigns to the sky.
Summoning forth
to times end we shall ride
Track Name: Bring Me Triumph
Summoned to fulfil my oath
to defend my king and country.
My post the crumbled battlements
the flames shall soon devour.

Arrow shafts blot out the sun
as our foes decent upon us.
Battering at the gates below
our glory on the threshold.

Their wheels have razed the keep
and their smokes choked out our lives.
our numbers all but cut in half
and the ravens descend slowly.

Broken blades and half-hewn shields
line the demented spectres.
Shadows of the loss they took,
lusting for their enemies.

A great waves washes the field;
my eyes do not deceive me.
The remains of our lost regained
now sweeping from the hillside.

From ruins we now redeem,
our stars restored in full diadem -
At the cost of our brothers,
Whose names will linger on.